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“A must-read for physicians, patients, and policymakers alike. Equipped with his vast experience as a pediatric cardiologist, clinician, teacher, researcher, and policy adviser, Dr. Waldman approaches our critically ill healthcare system as he does a critically ill patient. He identifies the root causes of the problems and proposes a workable cure that puts patients first. This is a quick and superb read packed full of information and insight.”

— Kristin S. Held, M.D. President-Elect, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Waldman's eBook Series:
"Restoring Care to American Healthcare"

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  • Learn how U.S. healthcare became the problem it is today.
  • Uncover the real reason that Washington conceals.
  • Watch as Obamacare fails & Single Payer is no better.
  • Discover the answers: Healthcare that works for US.

#1: "Our Allies Have Become Our Enemies" $4.99

Amazon 5 stars rating.



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#2: "Washington's BARRC is Its Bite"


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#3: "The Root Cause that Washington Conceals" —$4.99

#4: "Is Obamacare the Answer?"

#7: "We Need Tort Replacement... Not Tort Reform"


#5: "Single Payer Won't Save Us"


#6: "The Cure for U.S. Healthcare: StatesCare and the Texas Model"


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Amazon 5 stars rating. Amazon 5 stars rating.

Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare
StatesCare and Market-Based Medicine

Offers the reader a way to get a healthcare system where We the Patients are in charge

Inside you will discover:

  Why your doctor is often forced to give you the wrong medicine

  Where one trillion “healthcare” dollars disappear each year

  Why Washington cannot and will not fix healthcare

  Dr. Deane’s Healthcare Decoder, so you will never be confused by terminology

Most important:

  How we can get the government out of the doctor’s chair, and

  How We the Patients can decide our healthcare for ourselves.

Print version: $18.00Kindle version: $5.00Get Your CopyOne 5-star Amazon reviewer wrote of “Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare”:
“... [this] is such a simple and obvious solution — when can we
move forward on this plan?!?!?”

New book by Dr. Deane Waldman: "The Cancer in the American Healthcare System: How Washington Controls and Destroys Our Health Care"

The Cancer in the American Healthcare System
How Washington Controls and Destroys Our Health Care

Offers both the diagnosis and the cure for our sick healthcare system.

Inside you will discover:

  Why health care is less affordable and much less available than ever before…

  Where all those trillions of dollars are going…

  Who the real bad guys are…

  Why Obamacare can’t and won’t help…

  How to regain your control of your health care…

Print version: $19.95Get Your CopyThe Cancer in the American Healthcare System blows away the smoke and confusion surrounding our sick healthcare system.  It shows a way out of this mass of contradictory regulations and competing interests so you can get the care you need when you need it, at a price you can afford.

Book by Dr. Deane Waldman: "Uproot U.S. Healthcare, 2nd Expanded Edition"

Uproot U.S. Healthcare — 2nd Expanded Edition

Imagine you are a doctor and a desperately ill patient stumbles into your office. The patient’s name is Healthcare. What would you do? In this book, I did it:

  Asked what is wrong, and wrote down, “Chief Complaint: I’m dying.”

  History and Physical: Documented signs and symptoms like over-spending and lack of care

  Did tests, using proven business tools and techniques* to discover root cause

  Explained the root cause to you, to We The Patients

  Showed how previous treatments have NOT fixed the root cause

  And proposed a treatment plan to cure patient Healthcare.

 * A list of all those useful tools and techniques, plus explanations, and study guides are included in this book. This is particularly useful to managers and businesspeople as well as students of management or business.

Printed version: $20.00 + shipping

Downloadable ebook: $9.99

Book by Dr. Deane Waldman in Spanish: "Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos"

Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los
Estados Unidos

Si usted quiere entender lo que realmente está pasando en nuestro sistema de salud y proteger a su familia, lea Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos.

Printed version: $15.00 + shipping

Downloadable ebook: $9.99

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