StatesCare: Get government out of your doctor's chair

What is StatesCare?

We all agree that:

  1. Patients should be in control of their own care – no one else!
  2. Americans should decide how to spend their own money – no one else should!
  3. Americans are being forced to spend too much on healthcare and not getting the care they need.
  4. Washington’s mandates have not produced an affordable system with timely care.
  5. There should be some safety net to prevent avoidable deaths.

Where we disagree is how to structure healthcare to accomplish these goals.

Must we all have the same healthcare system? I say, NO!

Should we all do what Washington dictates? Most assuredly, NOT!

If 39 million Californians (all of Canada has 37 million residents) want single payer, they should have single payer. If 28 million Texans (five times the population of Singapore) want market-based healthcare, they should be free to choose.

StatesCare logo: Get government out of your doctor's chair.StatesCare is the answer. It works like this:

A. Washington returns to the states the funds it currently takes in taxes for support of all federal healthcare programs, as a fixed lump sum, adjusted annually for inflation plus population growth.

B. That is the end of Washington’s involvement. No federal healthcare mandates. The trillions of dollars currently going to Washington now return to the states, whose people know best how to structure their healthcare.

C. The people in their states, singly or in groups of states, decide how best to provide care for their people. States are free to contract with other states for care of out-of-state residents.

D. The people decide. The people are responsible. The people regain their medical as well as financial freedom. Over time, with the states functioning as “laboratories of democracy,” we learn from each other’s experience and improve our state systems.

E. For the specifics of how a market-based system would operate (forgive the doctor pun), read “Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare.” For those who presently want a single payer in their state(s), please read eBook, “Single Payer Won’t Save Us.” The book is a compendium of data on experience with single payers. However, if a state still wants single payer, or wants to keep Obamacare, or do something else, the people in that state should be free to decide their own fate. Not Washington and not me (except in my home state).

F. That’s it. There are no rules except the ones YOU make. With StatesCare, what California decides will not be imposed on Texas. With StatesCare, what Texas decides will not be imposed on California. And, Washington mandates will not be imposed on anyone.

To help you with additional information so you can make the best decision for you, Dr. Deane offers: “Did you Know?”



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