Obama's promises turn out to be false. Healthcare costs trillions more, is more expensive for individuals and provides reduced health care.

Fixes that Fail:  Obamacare

Over the years, the federal government has used various remedies they said would “fix” healthcare. Have they worked? Let’s compare their promises to our reality, starting with the latest and greatest–the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare.

Obamacare — Promises Versus Reality

Obama promised "change" in 2008. Turns out this meant more expensive health care, fewer doctors and a disrupted economy.
You can't keep your doctor and you can't keep your existing health plan, despite Obama's repeated promises to get the law passed.


The Face of Broken Promises


After Obamacare was signed, the President changed his promise to affordable insurance, not care. Getting CARE, not coverage, is the reason for healthcare.

The cost of insurance has doubled!  What was unaffordable before is now doubly unaffordable. In 2018, the average American family of four spent $28,166 on healthcare costs, mostly for insurance premiums. That mandatory expenditure represents 45 percent of the median total household income.

 Obamacare bent our “unsustainable” spending curve UPWARD, not down as promised.


To make care more affordable

To make insurance more affordable

Reduce the number of uninsured

Reduce U.S. spending on healthcare

To make care more available

The shortage of doctors is getting worse.

There are fewer uninsured Americans. Most of the increase was achieved through expansion of “free” Medicaid insurance.

Details and proof of these statements are available in Chapter 9 of Dr. Waldman's 2016 book “The Cancer in the American Healthcare System.”


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Some call it Single Payer, but what they are really talking about is federal control of healthcare. Is federal healthcare a fix that “fixes” or a fix that fails?


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