The root cause of the cancer in the American healthcare system.

The root cause of healthcare system failure: Cancer

To cure a patient, whether that is a sick human or a dysfunctional organizational system like healthcare, you must know the root cause of the illness. That is what Dr. Deane’s 2016 book, The Cancer in the American Healthcare System, did. It uncovered, or better exposed, the cancer that has taken over our federal government and the healthcare bureaucracy.

Washington is unwilling to accept that it is the cancer in healthcare.



What Is Cancer?

I have already explained how cancer in a human body works. To help you understand how deeply dangerous the cancer of unrestrained greed and uncontrolled power is, I’m going to use another analogy. Cancer is like a nasty virus. It invades a cell in your body or a system like healthcare, and changes its raison d’être. Cancer is an evil reprogrammer, a malicious hacker.

When cancer invades your kidney, it tells the organ to stop filtering your blood and to start growing. When cancer takes control of a bureaucracy, it tells the bureaucrats to stop helping others, grab all the money they can, and spread out.

Regardless of the type of cancer or where it takes hold, cancer forces its host to do one thing and one thing only: GROW.

In this way, cancer is like Ebola or Hanta. These are viruses that invade parts of your body that you need to live. When the virus invades certain critical parts of your body, it reprograms the cells to stop doing their vital functions and just multiply. Ebola stops your coagulation system so you bleed to death internally. Hanta prevents your lungs from working so you die from lack of oxygen.

Cancer is the master reprogrammer. Whether the cancer is in your body or in our healthcare system, either way, it reprograms for growth, stops vital functions, and we die.


Healthcare’s primary problem is not insurance companies making obscene profits; they are simply playing the game the way Washington set up the rules. Nor is it the massive chasm between Democrats and Republicans, as some would like to believe. Both political parties have done their fair share of expanding government bureaucracy and thus encouraging the spread of this cancer. Some have even called the federal bureaucracy the “fourth branch of government,” claiming that the bureaucracy is the real government.

When a cancer of greed and power, with its ability to re-purpose, invades a bureaucracy that is susceptible to cancer because it has nothing to restrain it, you have a recipe for disaster. We are experiencing that disaster, the root cause, on a daily basis.

A cancer of unrestrained greed and uncontrolled power within a government bureaucracy is the root cause for progressive deterioration of the American healthcare system.



The above is an excerpt from chapter 6 of "The Cancer in the American Healthcare System."

With the root cause in hand, federal cancer, we can begin to figure out what to do about it. With common cancers, you would cut the malignancy out. If it spread to multiple areas, you would selectively try to kill all the bad cells.

When the cancer is in the federal government, we have to take a nuanced approach. We should let Washington keep those functions that it does best, such as defense, securing our borders, and interstate activities. We should keep in mind the Tenth Amendment, which states,  “The powers not delegated to the United States [meaning the federal government] nor prohibited by it to the States, [such as healthcare] are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

There you have the cure for healthcare, based on the Constitution of the United States and root cause analysis: StatesCare.

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Dr. Waldman's new eye-opening book lays bare the disaster that has befallen both patients and doctors over the last 50 years due to government and administrative involvement into health care. Today close to 50% of healthcare spending goes NOT to doctors to pay for care, but to administrators who manage the miles of red tape introduced by ever increasing number of government regulations.

About Dr. Deane:

Photo of Dr. Deane Waldman, MD, MBA: Author, speaker, health advocate and medical doctor.Dr. Deane Waldman was Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at: The Children’s Hospital of San Diego, The University of Chicago, and The University of New Mexico. He has seen the insides and outside of our floundering medical care systems. At present, Dr. Waldman is Distinguished Senior Fellow for Healthcare Policy at Texas Public Policy Foundation. His proposal for StatesCare has the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the U.S. and save us from the imminent imminent collapse.


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