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Deane Waldman, M.D., M.B.A. (generally known as “Dr. Deane”) is a highly sought-after speaker. He has the unique ability to make complex issues understandable without dumbing down his explanations. Whether he is speaking to a business group, at a medical facility, or giving a keynote speech, Dr. Deane makes serious topics enjoyable. He talks with the audience rather than talking at them. Some audience responses to Dr. Deane are captured on the video below.

Dr. Deane’s speech topics include:

  • The Real Reason our Healthcare System is Failing
  • Healthcare Has Cancer – Only We the People Can Cure It!
  • Busting Three Dangerous Healthcare Myths.
  • Save Your Business a Fortune by Calculating the True Cost of Turnover!
  • Why You’re Wasting Your Money on Standard Health Insurance.
  • Learn How to Protect Yourself from Receiving the Wrong Prescription.

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Author of Books & Articles

Dr. Deane Waldman's articles have been featured in:

Four of his eleven books have been Amazon Bestsellers. Here is what some reviewers wrote about Dr. Deane’s last two print books.

2016: “The Cancer in the American Healthcare System”

  “Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down.”

  “If I could give this book ten stars, I would.”

  “I felt as though all the missing pieces in my mind were filled in and put together by reading this book.”

2019: “Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare”

  “Every person in the country should read this book...”

  A Top-50 Amazon reviewer wrote: “the concepts in this well written book offer hope for change!”

  “StatesCare is such a simple and obvious solution — when can we move forward on this plan?!?!?”

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