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The only person you should put your full faith in is… You. Make decisions for yourself rather than “trusting’ someone else, especially self-styled experts and our politicians who invariably have a personal agenda that doesn’t include you.

Good decisions are based on hard evidence. That is what Dr. Waldman offers you here: the proofs for what he writes. Read both the books and articles, and decide for yourself.

From magical thinking to thinking systems; highlighting the doctor shortage, the unfunded mandate, and the insurance principle; explaining what TLC means in Washington as well as how medical rationing and the VA system kill patients; to Obamacare success that will be the death of us. See why Dr. Waldman writes what he writes and decide if you agree or disagree.

A doctor’s straight talk: America, your health care is not a federal responsibility

Learn why healthcare shouldn’t be controlled by Washington. Health care decisions should be made by We the People, not by federal bureaucrats or insurance executives.

More coverage doesn't necessarily translate into better patient care

Having health insurance coverage is not the same thing as getting the medical care you need when you need it.

California wants single payer and Texas wants free market — say hello to ‘StatesCare’

People in their states can have the healthcare they want, instead of what Washington dictates.

Great Britain Offers Cautionary Tale on Single Payer

In Great Britain’s single payer system, the government “pulled the plug” on two babies against the wishes of their parents.

Magical Thinkers in Washington

If you ever wondered how our “people” in Washington come up with their ridiculous ideas and turn them into laws, here is your answer.

Thinking Systems Need Systems Thinking

Not only are you, personally, a system, but you are a “thinking system” — one capable of both greatness and great evil. Healthcare is a thinking system, just like you and me.

On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping
for B

This article, written by Stephen Kerr in 1974, should be mandatory reading for everyone, and I do mean everyone. Politicians and bureaucrats should be required to memorize it.

Shoot HIPAA the Hippo

To those who work in healthcare, the HIPAA Law is like a giant hippopotamus sitting on our chests suffocating us. We all want to shoot it. Learn why.

Healthcare and the Insurance Principle

Everybody buys insurance like auto, home, and life. Do you know the “insurance principle” — how it applies to health insurance and to health care?

Cutting Healthcare Costs by Killing Patients

It’s inconceivable to any American that our healthcare system would KILL individuals by government decree. But that is precisely what medical rationing will do.

Single Payer Is Root Cause for VA Deaths

Some people believe that Single Payer is the answer to American healthcare system problems.  Check out the Single Payer we already have — it’s called the VA system.

Why Don’t We Get Monthly Medicare Checks Like Social Security?

Why doesn’t Medicare send us monthly checks the way Social Security does? Seriously, read this article and think about it.

TLC — Washington Style

In Washington, “TLC” means the opposite of “tender loving care.” Learn why it matters to you, very very much.

Doctors Refuse To Accept Medicare Patients

Left to its own devices, Medicare “won’t be there for us.” Not only will there be no money, there already are no doctors

Study:  Nearly A Third Of Doctors Won’t See New Medicaid Patients

This is another must-read article not written by me. At the same time as Obamacare gave “free” Medicaid insurance to millions of Americans, there are fewer doctors to care for them. How is that good for our health?

Medicare Is Doomed — Save the Patients

An honest look at the structure and financing of Medicare shows how and why it is doomed. We need to think about how to save the patients from Medicare’s inevitable demise.

Can Healthcare Success be Health Care Disaster?

Obamacare adds millions of Americans to the rolls of the newly insured: this is what the President calls “success.” Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer doctors to care for them. That is what we all call a disaster.

With Tax Season Approaching, the Affordable Care Act Is the Only Thing Inside Your Wallet

Few Americans understand that ACA is primarily a TAX bill. Read the evidence that proves Obamacare should really be called “ObamaTax.”

Funding the Unfunded, and Their Mandate

Many have heard of the Unfunded Mandate but few understand it. After reading this article, you will understand what a travesty it truly is.

No One Runs the Costs Against the Benefits

When we buy a hamburger, we demand, “Where’s the beef?” Yet when we consider purchasing the most important and expensive item of all, healthcare, no one demands the same kind of proof.

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