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The only person you should put your full faith in is… You. Make decisions for yourself rather than "trusting" someone else, especially self-styled experts and our politicians who invariably have a personal agenda that doesn’t include you.

Good decisions are based on hard evidence. That is what Dr. Waldman offers you here: the proofs for what he writes. Read both the books and articles, and decide for yourself.

From magical thinking to thinking systems; highlighting the doctor shortage, the unfunded mandate, and the insurance principle; explaining what TLC means in Washington as well as how medical rationing and the VA system kill patients; to Obamacare success that will be the death of us. See why Dr. Waldman writes what he writes and decide if you agree or disagree.


Health Care and Healthcare: Immoral and Unconstitutional

For decades, political pundits and the mass media have bombarded the public with a drumbeat of misinformation on healthcare.


Public option won't serve the public

Democrats now control the White House and both Houses of Congress, albeit with very slim majorities. What will they do with (or to) health care? “Medicare for All” or the House bill — Medicare for All Act of 2019 — is probably a non-starter.


Vaccination Is Not Entire Answer To CoViD

As the Pfizer-BioNTechvaccine is now being shipped out,and with Moderna's mRNA vaccine

Democrat Healthcare

Democrat Healthcare Promises are Another Fraud

On November 3, it was not only CoViD-19 but ongoing failure of our entire healthcare system that was foremost in voters’ minds.

American Freedom of Speech

American Freedom of Speech Has Been "Abridged"

Do Americans still have the right to speak their minds freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment? Apparently not, as one 19-year-old can attest.

Children Belong in Classrooms Not Bedrooms

Children Belong in Classrooms Not Bedrooms

With the summer drawing to a close, the big question for nearly 60 million U.S. school-age children is whether they can return to school, or must they remain at home, limited to remote learning? States and municipalities differ widely on whether and how to reopen schools based on differing assessments of the risks.

Conflating Health Insurance with Health CARE

Conflating Health Insurance with Health CARE

Our politicians do not learn from history, even our own. House Bill 100 ("New Mexico Health Care Access Wins Final Approval," Los Alamos Post, Feb 19) just passed is touted to "increase[s] access to high-quality health care."Sadly, this is not true.

Build on ACA Success

Can We "Build on ACA Success"?

Democrats plan to make healthcare a defining issue in the 2020 presidential election. Their rallying cry is, "Build on the success of the ACA!" Is the ACA, in fact, a success, based on facts and evidence, not rhetoric and spin?

Healthcare Freedom

Five Bogus Healthcare Narratives and One True

There are so many compelling narratives about healthcare, people simply can't distinguish truth from falsehood. Without knowing the facts about healthcare, we cannot fix it.

The BIGGEST Healthcare Lie

The BIGGEST Healthcare Lie: Washington Will Provide Our Care

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have bought into three healthcare lies: big, bigger, and biggest. The first says health insurance is what we need. The second presumes that having insurance means you will get care.

Bureaucracy in Healthcare

Federal Hypocrisy Over EpiPen: A Tale of Pot and Kettle

Aphorisms like "the pot calling the kettle black" persist because they keep being proven relevant. Such is the case with politicians' outrage over MylanPharmaceuticals' price gouging for its life-saving EpiPen: their price has risen from less than $100 for a two-pack in 2007 to $600 today.

Why Did I Get the Wrong Rx

Why Did I Get the Wrong Rx?

The reason you got a prescription for the wrong medication is simple. Your doctor did not choose it, someone who never heard your name and doesn't know your medical history, that faceless person decided what medicines you take.

Healthcare needs personal responsibility

Will 2020 Americans Celebrate the Fourth of July by Repudiating 1776?

Before the American Revolutionary War, residents of the North American colonies were subjects of the British crown.They were entitled to whatever goods and services the aristocracy allowed.

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How to Fix American Healthcare: Kick Out Washington

There are six important reasons to kick Washington OUT of U.S. healthcare. Simply put, healthcare is not in their wheelhouse. The solution to our failing healthcare system is StatesCare,

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Are U.S. Doctors 'Free' to Practice Medicine?

The title question might seem silly, even ludicrous. It is anything but.

In the United States today, a truck driver is free to choose which gear to use going up a hill and at what speed to go down the hill.

Article Release Free Market for Affordable, Accessible Medical Care.png

Release Free Market for Affordable, Accessible Medical Care

There are several lessons we have learned from the CoViD-19 experience such as: the unreliability of predictive models; the danger of depending on foreign supply chains;

Federal bureaucracy

Federal bureaucracy is hazardous to your health

Federal healthcare regulations with their attendant bureaucracies are supposed to facilitate patients getting the medical care they need when they need it. Sadly, bureaucracy does the exact opposite:


Seesaw Proves American Healthcare 'Wisdom' Wrong

Common wisdom teaches that those who have health insurance get the care they need when they need it, and that those who don't have coverage, don't get care. This false "wisdom" is used by progressives to push for government-controlled, single payer healthcare.

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Attending Doctor Should Decide Life or Death-No One Else!

Elected officials such as New York and Atlanta mayors as well as clinical physicians, viz., in Maryland and Colorado,are projecting there will be more patients who need life-saving CoViD-19

CoViD-19 Cost/Benefit Analysis Concludes: Let My People Go

When the CoViD-19 (Corona Virus Disease, 2019) first broke out, there was little-to-no data. Without factual evidence, medical advisers had to depend on mathematical models such as the

"And this, too, shall pass away..." Lessons from CoViD-19

In a Wisconsin speech before the 1860 presidential campaign, Abraham Lincoln quoted a Persian parable ending with, "And this, too, shall pass away." His words apply to the CoViD-19 (Corona Virus Disease, 2019) outbreak.

Colorado Took Healthcare Out of Washington and Implemented Medicare-for-All "Lite." Good Move or Bad?

Supreme Court Associate Justice Louis Brandeis famously urged the states to become "laboratories of democracy" (New State Ice Co. v. Liebmann, 1932) by testing new, alternative ideas of governance.

Restore American Health Care by Reconnecting Patient with Physician

The U.S. healthcare system is failing both the American public as well as Americans doctors. Fundamental change is needed but Washington keeps adjusting the financing and never deals with the root cause-breakdown of the doctor-patient relationship.

Will Americans in 2020 Repudiate 1776?

Before the Revolutionary War, residents of the North American colonies were subjects of the British crown. They were entitled to as much or as little as the aristocracy allowed.

How to Get Timely, Affordable Health Care

To get what you want, you must first decide what that is. If you believe media reports on healthcare, the public wants to save money and to have health insurance.

Restoring Healthcare in America–Is It Possible?

U.S. healthcare is failing: it doesn’t deliver timely care and spends money we don’t have and can’t afford. Can healthcare be fixed?

Medicare-for-All Is Poison–“StatesCare” Is the Antidote

Medicare-for-All would be lethal poison for US healthcare. The antidote is de-federalization, also known as States Care, where the American people in their states decide their healthcare

In Healthcare,Freedom or Entitlement – Choose One

The answer for healthcare is to treat the root cause of system failure: federal control of healthcare. Get Washington out of healthcare and let the people in their states decide.

A doctor’s straight talk: America, your health care is not a federal responsibility

Learn why healthcare shouldn’t be controlled by Washington. Health care decisions should be made by We the People, not by federal bureaucrats or insurance executives.

More coverage doesn't necessarily translate into better patient care

Having health insurance coverage is not the same thing as getting the medical care you need when you need it.

California wants single payer and Texas wants free market — say hello to ‘StatesCare’

People in their states can have the healthcare they want, instead of what Washington dictates.

Great Britain Offers Cautionary Tale on Single Payer

In Great Britain’s single payer system, the government “pulled the plug” on two babies against the wishes of their parents.

Magical Thinkers in Washington

If you ever wondered how our “people” in Washington come up with their ridiculous ideas and turn them into laws, here is your answer.

Thinking Systems Need Systems Thinking

Not only are you, personally, a system, but you are a “thinking system” — one capable of both greatness and great evil. Healthcare is a thinking system, just like you and me.

On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping
for B

This article, written by Stephen Kerr in 1974, should be mandatory reading for everyone, and I do mean everyone. Politicians and bureaucrats should be required to memorize it.

Shoot HIPAA the Hippo

To those who work in healthcare, the HIPAA Law is like a giant hippopotamus sitting on our chests suffocating us. We all want to shoot it. Learn why.

Healthcare and the Insurance Principle

Everybody buys insurance like auto, home, and life. Do you know the “insurance principle” — how it applies to health insurance and to health care?

Cutting Healthcare Costs by Killing Patients

It’s inconceivable to any American that our healthcare system would KILL individuals by government decree. But that is precisely what medical rationing will do.

Single Payer Is Root Cause for VA Deaths

Some people believe that Single Payer is the answer to American healthcare system problems.  Check out the Single Payer we already have — it’s called the VA system.

Why Don’t We Get Monthly Medicare Checks Like Social Security?

Why doesn’t Medicare send us monthly checks the way Social Security does? Seriously, read this article and think about it.

TLC — Washington Style

In Washington, “TLC” means the opposite of “tender loving care.” Learn why it matters to you, very very much.

Doctors Refuse To Accept Medicare Patients

Left to its own devices, Medicare “won’t be there for us.” Not only will there be no money, there already are no doctors

Study:  Nearly A Third Of Doctors Won’t See New Medicaid Patients

This is another must-read article not written by me. At the same time as Obamacare gave “free” Medicaid insurance to millions of Americans, there are fewer doctors to care for them. How is that good for our health?

Medicare Is Doomed — Save the Patients

An honest look at the structure and financing of Medicare shows how and why it is doomed. We need to think about how to save the patients from Medicare’s inevitable demise.

Can Healthcare Success be Health Care Disaster?

Obamacare adds millions of Americans to the rolls of the newly insured: this is what the President calls “success.” Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer doctors to care for them. That is what we all call a disaster.

With Tax Season Approaching, the Affordable Care Act Is the Only Thing Inside Your Wallet

Few Americans understand that ACA is primarily a TAX bill. Read the evidence that proves Obamacare should really be called “ObamaTax.”

Funding the Unfunded, and Their Mandate

Many have heard of the Unfunded Mandate but few understand it. After reading this article, you will understand what a travesty it truly is.

No One Runs the Costs Against the Benefits

When we buy a hamburger, we demand, “Where’s the beef?” Yet when we consider purchasing the most important and expensive item of all, healthcare, no one demands the same kind of proof.

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