Obamacare reduces the money going to doctors and gives it to bureaucrats, lawyers and administrators. This is why your doctor is going broke.

Washington consumes our healthcare dollars...
and patients suffer

Obamacare takes money from care providers to pay bureaucrats and administrators

This is why we get more regulations and less medical care. In fact, Obamacare cuts payments to doctors by $716 billion in order to fund six new federal agencies and implement 10,516 pages (over ten million words) of regulations in the Federal Register. We suffer from a shortage of care providers. There is no shortage of actuaries, accountants, administrators, agents, billers and coders, bureaucrats, compliance officers, consultants, lawyers, managers, navigators, regulators and rule writers. Just no nurses or doctors!

Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid money is siphoned off to support administrators and is NOT used for patient care!

Bureaucratic Diversion

As patients we all suffer from what I call bureaucratic diversion: That is a polite way of saying the government steals money needed for health care to pay for healthcare bureaucracy. Why are our veterans dying while waiting in line for medical care? Because the money needed to pay nurses and doctors and to build burn units and operating rooms was “diverted” to pay for new federal agencies and thousands of new regulators.

You think TLC stands for tender loving care, but you will know what it really means, at least in Washington, when you read TLC-Washington-style.

Classic Political Thinking

What our politicians are doing is classic: They claim they will give us something we are “entitled to” and then, they pay for (reward) something else. That is why we never get what they promised. The White House promised you can keep your doctor and pushed through a law (the Affordable Care Act) that drives your doctor out of business. Obamacare takes money from doctors and gives it to bureaucrats, consultants, and lawyers. Read Stephen Kerr as he warned us about this behavior, but we did not listen.

Moffitt Warns; Congress Ignores

Testifying before Congress about the consequences of the Affordable Care Act before the bill was passed, Robert Moffitt of Heritage Foundation said, “You can’t buy more of something by paying less for it.”  Moffitt was warning our Representatives that taking money from doctors to pay bureaucrats and regulators will result in less care for patients.

Congress ignored him.

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You have no money to pay the doctor and at the same time, your cost of insurance is going UP. Obamacare subsidies don't go to you or to your doctor—they go to insurance companies.


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