Dr. Deane loves talking with the public. He has the rare ability to make confusing issues straightforward and easy to understand. Dr. Deane is a highly sought-after radio guest heard on numerous live shows (see radio stations above) as well as podcasts such as “No Sitting on the Sidelines,” “Beyond Confidence,” “Tipping Point,” “American General Medicine,” “Connecting the Dots,” and “Passionate World Talk Radio.”


Interview One-Sheet

Download a copy of Dr. Deane’s One-Sheet for story ideas, a brief biography, and prior media experience. The URL for his book trailer is included along with contact information. Whether in voice or in print, Dr. Deane offers his audience actionable items to help them get the care they need.


On-Air Interviews/Radio Guest


Dr. Deane is available for radio and TV interviews. Please fill out the form below:


“Tipping Point” podcast, December 15, 2020.

Host Paul Gessing, Rio Grande Foundation President, discussed with Dr. Deane healthcare issues at both the federal as well as state (New Mexico) levels. Dr. Deane shared several actionable items for the audience.

The Boomer & the Babe Show

Boomer and the Babe interview Dr. Deane about Obamacare

The Stinchfield Report, March 2, 2015

Grant Stinchfield of KLIF 570AM covering the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex interviewed Dr. Deane about the problems people are experiencing with the Affordable Care Act.


Dr. Deane has been interviewed on broadcast radio talk shows as well as podcasts. Some examples of these interviews can be found below.

Bob Clark Show, June 6, 2015

Bob Clark of 770AM KKOB in Albuquerque interviewed Dr. Deane about the latest developments in the ever-changing landscape of American healthcare.

Pat Miller Show, December 3, 2015

Pat Miller of NewsTalk Radio, 1190 WOWO 92.3AM in Fort Wayne, Indiana, discussed the release of Dr. Deane’s new book, The Cancer in the American Healthcare System, which includes what Dr. Deane calls “The Cure” for American healthcare.

Author of Books & Articles

Dr. Deane Waldman's articles have been featured in:

Four of his eleven books have been Amazon Bestsellers. Here is what some reviewers wrote about Dr. Deane’s last two print books.

2016: “The Cancer in the American Healthcare System”

  “Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down.”

  “If I could give this book ten stars, I would.”

  “I felt as though all the missing pieces in my mind were filled in and put together by reading this book.”

2019: “Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare”

  “Every person in the country should read this book...”

  A Top-50 Amazon reviewer wrote: “the concepts in this well written book offer hope for change!”

  “StatesCare is such a simple and obvious solution — when can we move forward on this plan?!?!?”

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