Dr. Deane's Webinars on Healthcare

Dr. Deane Waldman has put together a series of webinars that discuss various topics related to healthcare, government rules, regulations and taxes, and how all these relate to your own health and healthcare needs. New videos will be added regularly, so please bookmark this page and come back often.

Why Buy Insurance?

In this webinar Dr. Deane discusses the pros and cons of buying health insurance. He goes over how health insurance is different from auto, homeowner's or life insurance, and how it affects you. He illustrates how all insurance is simply a betting pool and how that relates to your future health needs and expenses.

Is Obamacare the ANSWER?

This webinar asks and answers the title question, Is Obamacare the Answer? It first describes what’s wrong with healthcare that Obamacare was supposed to fix. Then, we compare Obamacare’s promises to its effects. Unfortunately, Obamacare has made American healthcare worse, not better.

The Cure for Healthcare: Direct-Pay USA

With the root cause of healthcare sickness exposed–cancer of the federal bureaucracy–we can now cure patient Healthcare. The cure gets government OUT of healthcare and is called DIRECT-PAY USA.

Is Patient Healthcare Really Dying?

Dr. Deane explains the difference between healthcare (one word) and health…care (two words.) The American healthcare system is sick and you will learn both the signs and symptoms as well as the root causes.

Guess What!
We DON’T Need Tort Reform

Most people think we need tort reform, to fix a failing system that is supposed to help patients who are injured during health care. Dr. Deane shows why we need tort REPLACEMENT, not reform.

What would a good doctor do?

Dr. Deane asks and answers, “What would a good doctor do for a sick patient named Healthcare?” Then you should answer for yourself, “Was Washington a good doctor for the American healthcare system?”

Will Single Payer Save Us?

Numerous claims are made for Single Payer healthcare, the public option, also called universal health care. Dr. Deane examines these assertions, looks at the evidence and answers the title question, “No! Single Payer will not save us.”

Why can’t my doctor see me?

Whether they have insurance or not, under American healthcare, patients are finding more and more problems getting the care they need when they need it. Find out the reasons in Dr. Deane’s webinar that answers, “Why can’t my doctor see me?”

Washington’s BARRC is its bite

The federal bureaucracy that is supposed to serve us serves only itself, and at our expense. Dr. Deane exposes a perfidious BARRC in this disturbing webinar that explodes common myths about bureaucracy (if it’s not disturbing, you weren’t paying attention).

Dr. Waldman exposes the complete failure of U.S. healthcare

Dr. Deane Waldman explains in detail what is really wrong with the U.S. healthcare system in a keynote speech given at the 2013 Federation of Republican Women in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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